Introducing SierraIntroducing Sierra
Introducing SierraIntroducing Sierra
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Introducing Sierra

The coat that gets stuff done

Fri, Nov 24, 2023

A formal blazer can appear too dressed up these days when casual is the norm. Going without jackets is not an ideal option though. A jacket integrates men’s base outfit and creates a well put-together look.

For men who are looking for a blazer alternative, there is nothing better than a chore coat. Chore coats originated with French labourers and farmers in the nineteenth century. With workwear finding its way into men’s fashion, it has now become a wardrobe staple.

Workwear jacket courtesy of The Vintage Showroom

Image courtesy of The Vintage Showroom

Image courtesy House of Celeste
Outerwear that’s put to task
Raw Indigo

We designed Sierra with two roomy, flap pockets at the hip. Instead of the traditional patch pockets of chore jackets, we constructed these pockets internally, giving the jacket a sleek look. In addition to adding an extra element of security, the flaps add certain interest to the otherwise minimalist look. You can push the flaps inside for a sleeker look too.


The concealed pocket inside helps you store your wallet, passport or boarding pass safely while the front pockets can easily accommodate a kindle or even a sandwich, making Sierra the perfect travel jacket.


Sierra’s slightly boxy fit is quite forgiving for all body shapes. You can choose a shorter length to wear the jacket like a bomber or get it made in traditional blazer length for better protection from the elements.


Sierra goes well with chinos, jeans, tailored trousers, tees, polos, button downs - virtually everything. It is available in premium cotton, denim, and hardy Japanese canvas to cover all your needs from such a casual, yet refined work jacket.

introsierra:: navy sierra linen

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