Accessible quality enriched with goodnessAccessible quality enriched with goodness
Accessible quality enriched with goodnessAccessible quality enriched with goodness
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Accessible quality enriched with goodness

Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality clothes that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Tue, Dec 05, 2023

At Monks of Method, we have set out on a mission to bring high quality clothes which are among the most economical to you, while creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Think Cost per Wear.
Not Cost per Purchase

To begin with, we need to define what economical means. Say, you purchased a garment for 1000 but could wear it only 10 times. Your cost per wear is 100. And you end up spending again to replace the garment. On the other hand, if you purchased a better quality garment, say for a higher price of 5000 but could wear it 100 times, the cost per wear is just 50.

Economical then doesn’t mean cheap to buy. If you are someone who would like to build a wardrobe of high quality garments and wear them over a long period, what you are looking for is low cost per wear over a garment’s lifetime.

To achieve lower cost per wear, we need to get rid of the use-and-throw mindset. We need to set store by quality, versatility and durability.

Choose Style.
Not Fashion

Style lasts. Fashion doesn’t. Trends fizzle out, reducing the number of wears you get from your clothes before they get outdated. By adopting time-tested and classic styles, you never look dated and always appear elegant.

Opt for Versatility.
Not Statement Pieces

Versatile clothes can be worn in more occasions and seasons than one. They can be easily combined with other pieces in your wardrobe to create elegant daily outfits. Statement or specialised clothes may have a role in your wardrobe, but they will have to be used sparingly. Opting for versatility helps you build a high quality wardrobe most economically.

Buy Quality. Not Quantity

Natural fabrics of high quality age gracefully, looking better and lived-in with more wear. Quality construction starts inside, as is evident from clean internal seams and higher stitches per inch. Trims such as natural mother of pearl buttons, genuine horn buttons and tough YKK zippers not only add a touch of elegance but contribute to the durability of a garment. It then makes sense to buy a few higher quality garments and wear them often, instead of having a wardrobe full of clothes rarely worn.

Adopt Mindful Clothing. Not Mindless Consumption

 Our pursuit of trends and fast fashion imposes heavy social and environmental costs. Textile industry is among the largest polluters. Millions of unsold fast fashion garments end up in landfills once the season gets over. Cotton farmers and textile workers continue to be among the most exploited, many are not even paid living wages. Considering the environmental and social costs imposed on the world, the pursuit of cheap, fast fashion has become way too costly to the collective humanity. Sustainable and ethical practices need to go beyond just sourcing organic clothes and address every step in the chain from sourcing to processing to manufacturing to sales to post-sales service.

The Method of the Monks

The considerations described above inform our approach. We bring you carefully curated, classic and versatile styles that have stood the test of time. Our no-compromise construction methods are benchmarked against the best in class to deliver quality products. And we price our products to deliver low cost per wear over the life of the garment. We have chosen a made-to-order/made-to-measure strategy that helps us to provide you with the best-fitting garments while minimising wastage. By opting for natural, mono-content fabrics, we also enhance recyclability. Our manufacturing partner, Dibella India, is a pioneer in sustainable and ethical manufacturing. We will also help you extend the life of garments bought from us with our refurbishing and repair services.

The Method, as you can see, is designed to make top-notch quality accessible while doing good socially and environmentally - or at the least while not doing any harm.

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