We’re here to help you dress for success every day.

You may not have the time for much thought on the daily outfit, in your busy schedule.

Elegance with ease is what you want. Isn’t elegance the result of harmony?

All aligned and fitting together. While celebrating human imperfections and the beauty of organic nature.

That’s why the idea of Fit drives everything we do.

In the broadest sense.

Well-fitting clothes are the secret to stylish dressing.

Unfortunately, men buy most of their clothes off the rack compromising on fit.

You get the best fitting clothes that make you stylish from us.

Our clothes are made to measure.

Made to your specific measurements. Not made for masses.

We offer only one size.


We offer a selection of products curated for versatility and timeless designs.

With no logos. No frills.

The natural fabrics we have chosen get richer in texture and character like old wine, as they age.

Our no-compromise construction methods shape them into lasting garments.

The value and usage you get out of our products in the long run will turn them into the most economical of your purchases.

Ready-to-wear and trendy clothes generate enormous wastage as millions of unsold garments end up in landfills.

Even organic clothes do not make a difference if they go into landfills.

We make our clothes only after you place the order, minimizing wastage.

They go into your wardrobe. Not into landfills.

Natural fabrics, and exacting sustainable manufacturing standards followed by our partner Dibella India, minimize environmental harm.

Cotton farmers and workers who make our clothes are paid living wages that support at least a family of four. Unlike those who work with many brands.

Our repair, refurbishing and recycling plans are being designed to prolong the life and usage of your garments.

We have put together a plug-and-play wardrobe for you.

Just pick any combination you feel like wearing in the morning. And you are likely to have a stylish outfit for the day.

Simple. Not plain.

Elegance is more than skin deep. It is soul deep.

We make products fit for body and soul.

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