All the collars you needAll the collars you need
All the collars you needAll the collars you need
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All the collars you need

Creating a versatile men's wardrobe starts with 4 essential shirt collars.

Tue, Nov 14, 2023

Among the first questions we had to address when we set out to create the most versatile wardrobe for men was to do with shirt collars. There are a number of collar styles. How many do men really need?

After some deliberation, we settled on four collar styles that provide variety while keeping your wardrobe simple.

1.  Spread collar

If you decide to stick with just one type of shirt collar, it will have to be the spread collar. Spread is the distance between the two collar points. We settled for a medium spread - not too narrow, not too wide - that drifts away from the centre to frame any face in a flattering manner. It is a collar for all occasions - formal or casual.



2.  Button-down Collar

We felt a more casual collar type can add interest to your outfit, especially when you go without a jacket, which is often the case today. The button-down collar is a versatile cousin of the spread collar, buttoned down to keep the collar points in place. Our team paid particular attention to the collar height and points to create the perfect S roll to frame the face. Being a little casual compared to the spread collar, the button-down is not for the most formal of occasions. But everywhere else, be it a business meeting or a hike in the woods, it strikes the perfect balance and adds a certain nonchalance to your look.

Green Houndstooth
Deep Forest

3.  Camp or Cuban Collar

In theory, there is no real need to go beyond the above two collar types. But we just couldn’t resist the casual cool of the camp or Cuban collar. It is a double-notched, single-piece collar attached directly to the shirt. No shirt captures the spirit of the tropics like a camp collar shirt, as Sean Connery showed us in Thunderbolt with an ever-so-cool pink camp collar shirt. Very much on the casual side, a camp collar shirt with a straight hem and a loose fit, would lighten up your summer sojourns.


4.  Band Collar

But what about those who would like to do away with the collar itself? Band collar or granddad collar shirts offer a more refined look than a tee shirt while going collarless. It is particularly useful for those with shorter necks as the open neckline directs the attention upward, making the neck appear longer. We designed a 2.5 cm collar band and added some firmness with light fusing so that it stays in shape.

Olive Strip

There, you have it. All the collars you will ever need.

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