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3.5 stars

This is a good, well-crafted pair of jeans. The fabric is not as heavy and stiff as other pairs of Selvedge jeans I own - so there's no arduous wear-in period. Not too happy with MoM's measurements-taking process, despite the videos on the site ( which, though good, are not great). Though the measurements I took were double-checked, I found the jeans were not made according to the measurements provided, were way too tight, and needed to be remade The rise of the jeans is not mentioned anywhere on the site, so you might think the default would be mid-rise, but low-rise is MoM's default, which makes for an extra bit of tightness around the waist-crotch area. (Also, very uncomfortable when you're doing your business at a urinal.)

Thanks Leslie. Your feedback has been taken. We have included the back rise and front rise as measurements to be provided.

- Monks of Method

Absolutely fantastic pair of Jeans.

I am a certified Denim head. I am one of those lucky people who gets to live in Denims day in and day out, and I have been doing that for the last 24- 30 years. I am always on the look out for a good pair of denims which are comfortable and last long. I abhor jeans which are light and stretchy! So far in India, Levi's Made & Crafted, was my the only brand I buy, due to lack of choice. But now my search for the perfect pair of denims has ended. I love MoM jeans, Ontake has become my Go-to pair. It's beautifully crafted and I love the Japanese selvedge, it's made to last. I love the fact that there are no branding or labeling, screaming for attention. It's all about subtlety. A well made pair of denim is a brand in itself.

Amazing fit

My first pair of customised jeans so was worried that how will it feel. But when I wore it was perfect, they got it absolutely write. Fabric is smooth and it just feels good.

Authentic Japanese selvedge raw denim

When quality Japanese denim is well designed and stitched to fit we get the perfect jeans which everyone should have. The price is also reasonable considering one will spend almost twice to import similar quality Japanese jeans which is of unknown fitting and style. The denim quality and customised measurement ensures the jeans fits all through the lower body and doesn’t actually hangs from belt. The design aspects like small loop to hang the jeans and lined back pockets are well thought additions. After couple of wears the jeans is showing potential fades and moulding to my body type. I wish I did not spend money for other jeans which are more of “jeggings”. Also, kudos to the team for smooth measurement and buying process.


What a great pair of jeans! The fabric is top notch and the construction is solid and sturdy and they fit like a dream. Definitely my new favourite!

Best Fitting Jeans Ever

These jeans fit like a glove. They are the best fitting jeans I’ve worn out of the box. I’ve owned them for about a month, so I cannot speak to how they break in. I can, however, attest to the fabric quality. The Japanese selvedge is nappy and durable. The hardware and construction is also high quality. The tailoring experience was responsive, albeit slow. I used my studio dartisan jeans as a model and, with the one return I made, the whole process took about one and a half months. I didn't mind because the quality and fit were on point. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants well fitting and high quality jeans. Note: they do wash the jeans once before dispatching them, so they are not raw selvedge, which isn’t ideal.

Best jeans. Period.

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of jeans brands, some regular and some great ones from reputed brands. These pairs are the best selvedge jeans I have come across. The fabric quality, stitching, practically, and attention to detail are all extraordinary. The jeans is built to last a lifetime. I’ve replaced most of my other pairs and purchased all three options. They make my wardrobe complete.

Best pair of Jeans

Found this on Insta and was later strongly recommended by a friend. I am so very glad I bought. Like many have been wearing jeans since college days and have been thru almost all popular branded ones. This pair is by far the best. Everything including the buying experience is is perfect. For those who lived in Bengaluru during 80s may remember "Hara" very popular brand at that time, wearing this one somehow brought back those memories :-) but of course much much better quality/fit.

Charcoal intake is really good

I got one jean for myself after seeing the ads on Instagram. I am happy with the product that I received. The quality of the jean is superb. It took some time to become soft . I am going to get more of these made in the future.

Effort needed

The fabric is good but the fit and the stitching needs to factor in the stiffness of the fabric as it does not wear as fast or as normal denim.

Thanks for your valuable feedback, Viral. Yes our fabric is sturdy at 14 oz and needs breaking in. Like all sturdy selvedge denims, it needs about 10-15 wears to break in. Very much like a well fitting leather shoe. Do let us know how it fits you after a few wears. Happy to alter or remake as needed.

- Monks of Method


Excellent experience. The Management is most customer friendly. They are most anxious to attend to any smallest requests of customers. 100% customers satisfaction is the Motto of Customers. They will go out of the way and replace with newly made JEANS any no of times till the customer is fully satisfied and happy.

Excellent quality and versatile

Firstly, the jeans has been expertly and meticulously sewn and measured. The quality of the finish is impeccable and the detailing of high quality.. Next, the denim - being a 14oz ringspun selvedge is a sturdy mid-weight material that feels robust without feeling too heavy or restrictive. I was in fact surprised by how quickly it started moulding to my shape. The material is a very slight texture but is generally on the subtle side for a selvedge- not extravagantly slubby or hairy like some of the hardcore Japanese stuff- which means its great for a huge gamut of uses- works perfectly well with a button-down under a blazer as well as rugged outdoorsy clothes or even a simple Tee. Great option for longevity and slow fashion choices.

Fanatic level of customer centricity!

Buying a raw indigo selvedge from Monks of Method (MoM) was an experience in itself; relaxed, respectful and creative. Fabric selection, thoughtfully suggested customisations and measurements were no less than that of a luxury suit. To top it all, the attention to detail and the customer service rivals the best retail experience (online or offline) you get anywhere in the world. The denim trousers start a little snug and stiff; but in about 2-3 washes fit you like a glove. Quality of denim feels very premium yet rugged! This is the best pair you would buy today regardless of the price point.

Give them a try!

Writing this review after wearing 2 pairs of jeans (Indian & Japanese) for 3 months. At first I was disappointed for a couple of reasons. One: I happened to give measurements at their studio, but they still got the finished product wrong. Good news: they are an ethical business eager to please customer. I sent the denim back and they corrected it. Two: The jeans seemed too low-rise and uncomfortable to wear. Couple it with the ubiquitous Indian middle-age feature, the belly, and the garment showed a marked inclination to slither down the body favoring gravity :). I had to pin my belt a hole higher. But here's the thing, upon continuous wearing, the feeling of discomfort slowly went away! I think I must attribute it to the break-in period. I purchased washed denim, not exactly the raw variety, but since it is still not as heavily processed as your industrial fabric, and is 100% cotton with no stretch at all, I guess it needs a break-in period. Net net, I'm beginning to be happy with my purchase. The craftsmanship is good (but for the mistakes which they corrected) and the fabric, especially Japanese Ontake, is fabulous. On a repeat purchase I'll probably still get re-measured to go higher on the rise, but these jeans certainly give the wearer a nicer look than his fav store brand. Give them a try!

Great Fit and Fabric

Very happy with the purchase. Very smooth purchasing experience. Very high quality jeans with a fantastic fit. Very comfortable as well. Will definitely purchase again!

Great fitting jeans

Came across them in Insta visited their studio for measurement, customer service was outstanding. Cut, stitch and material the Ontake selvedge is outstanding. There was a small problem with the fit had to send it in and it was addressed. Happy that I found someone that could make a great fitting jeans.

Great pair!

A great pair of jeans with a strong rugged feel. The fit is perfect and overall construction very clean and practical. Definitely value for money.

I have ditched Levis!

Always been a Levis guy till I got my MOM jeans.. yes it took a few wears to break in thanks to the original Japanese selvedge, but since then it's super comfortable.. no cutting corners...as they claim the devil is truly in the details. I would definitely recommend a try

Misses the Good to Great mark by just that much!!

Full efforts to get the product right. Team Monks got my measurements wrong 1st time around (i had sent a pair of sample jeans), but they promptly got the product back and made me another pair. The jeans itself is good, The color & graining on the cloth indicated in photos online are different than the actual product. As is written in one of the earlier reviews, they couldn't get the crotch part right both times. I would come back to Monk only if/when I'm in Bangalore (and visit the store), but wouldn't do another online purchase. That's always been the bane of Online Customisation. If you find a standard size online, go for it..

My new favourites

I’ve been wearing Levis 501s for the longest time and while expensive, each pair lasted me for years - so always a great investment. Over the past few years I found that levis stopped keeping them in India and in fact most of their jeans are the ‘stretch’ spandexy things. Blasphemy. So I found MOM over the Internet and spoke to them. I heard all the right things, original material, no spandex, customised and made in India. They sent me over a few pairs of jeans, then I sent them one of mine which fit me well along with some images of me in them. And I they then prepared and sent me two pairs. Slipping into them felt so very very good. The stitching felt awesome, proper tailor made. Big fan. Thank you folks

Takes times but amazing quality

Guys, if you are used to stretchable jeans, this isn’t for you. But if you want a jeans that will be there with you years to come. Take this. No brainer


Japanese selvedge denim, Fades and creases, Taking on your personality

A new
A new
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18 months

Denim woven in original shuttle looms comes in narrow length fabric with finished edges, called selvedge. After the world war, when projectile looms which could produce broader fabric were introduced in the U.S. for efficiency gain, Japanese mills acquired the old shuttle looms. Today, you can obtain heritage selvedge denim fabric only from select Japanese mills. It is a rare item, which can get rarer still as the limited number of shuttle looms in existence get worn out.