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What's great about our fabric?
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What's with the split yokes? Watch now ->

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Absolutely Amazing Fit !

Bought the Cardiff Iceberg green. Amazing fit, Quality stitching, Environment friendly packaging. Personal Note all contributed to an amazing customer experience. I would definitely recommend folks to just go for it.

As close to the perfect Oxford as one can get in India.

Great fabric, stitching, buttons, fit, and weave (allowing comfort in movement). I like the customer relationship – calling to confirm measurements (I was suggested my measurements would be better suited to a slim fit than a regular fit, and they were right). The only thing I'd change? The price. Only because I'd like to stock up on multiple colours as part of my wardrobe.

Best in class

I m very satisfied with the quality of fabric and fitting. Waiting for more shades in cardiff. Certainly a great buy.

Buy atleast one immediately

Good heft. Maintains its shape. Yoke is the best feature - aids shoulder movement. Collar is nice and frames the face. Placket holds well when seated. The fabric softens up after washing. Shrinks a bit but that is already taken into consideration by the makers. No hanging threads and dangling buttons. Nuff said - buy all three colours.


This is the best oxford shirt which you can ever get! Starting from finding the right colour to perfect measurements - The MoM team remained proactive and supportive to deliver the top-notch shirt. Fabric quality, fit, shirt buttons, collars everything is perfect at its best. Best thing about them which I liked most is the detailing and perfection which they put behind every single item to deliver it to your doorstep. They will surely steal your wardrobe with their awesome collection. Try them now!!!

Buy one of these for sure

The shirt has a good heft. It holds well through the day. OfCourse the collar is big and nice and when buttoned frames the face, but you can find it in many good quality oxfords, e.g., Brook Brothers. It’s actually the yoke that makes the shirt stand out. The cotton is non stretch but it’s the yoke that gives you an ease all along the shoulder. The stitching is very good and you won’t find any loose thread hanging anywhere. I have washed the shirt once and it actually became softer and perhaps shrunk just a bit but the makers take care of it and fit is perfect. The placket is chunky and holds the shirt well when one is seated. The sleeves too are the right width. Lesson to learn : buy all colours!!!

Cloth fitting every thing is good

Excellent fitting

Excellent fitting, great service !

The fabric used is of world class quality, better than others available . This is my second shirt , and the fitting is perfect . The shirts are very comfortable to wear , especially in the hot Mumbai weather.

Excellent Oxford shirt

Recently purchased Oxford shirt perfect fitting nice shirt comfort is good

Excellent Shirts and Great thought

The best thing about MoM is that I had ordered a classic fit shirt, not giving the exact measurements. They made it a point to call me, ask me my preference in terms of fit, intended use and delivered one of the best shirts I have. Superb service and great product. Cheers..!!

Feel Comfortable

Recently purchased your garments and I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the high quality of your product. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the fabric and stitching. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. The stitching is precise and neat, which not only enhances the overall appearance of the garment but also ensures that it holds up well over time. As someone who values quality in their clothing, I am truly impressed with the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into making these garments. It is clear that you take great pride in the work you do, and it shows in the finished product

Great tribute to Oxfords

These are some of the most well thought out Oxfords that pay real tribute to them. The fabric, stitching, choice of colors, ability to customize fits, the perfect collar shape and button at the back, all are signs of a brand that understand their stuff. Be careful with the choice of fit given fabric doesn’t have Lycra/elastene like other brands. Buy now, thank me later. Built to last for years.

My favourite oxfords

I have quickly obtained these oxfords shirts in 3 colours (along with the chambray in both colours which I reviewed separately)…and surely will get more. l like the weight & the resultant fall and resistance to micro wrinkling. Also while a very thin fabrics seem attractive for the summer, this is actually better as it prevents the cloth from clinging to your skin on the first hints of sweat and hence breathes better. A comfortable but anatomic cut based on my specific body measurement ensures a dapper look bit with enough freedom of movement. It’s impossible to get a fit like this except when tailored to your measurements. Being online, and conversant with classic men’s style aesthetics, Monks is able to marry convenience with execution.

One of the best Oxfords

I’m writing this review after one or two wears and I must admit the quality of the cloth is great. I was a fan of Brooks brothers oxfords as they are making shirts in Thailand,Vietnam using supima cotton. No complaints with the quality yet their new arrival shirts are costly. So want to try new brand with good quality like them or closer to Brooks. Now I think I found it, MoM is so close to Brooks for sure. Ordered two oxfords from MoM both are looks great on me with half of the cost compared to Brooks. A happy customer


Its just perfect in everything.Right from the way it is stitched to the weight of the fabric,everything just feels great.There’s truly nothing more you can ask for .

Perfect fit !

The biggest problem anyone faces when it comes to garment is PERFECT FIT! Finally it’s been solved by MONKSOFMETHOD! The perfectionist of stitching !

Perfect Oxfords

Good Oxford shirt was what i was looking for and ended up getting perfect oxford’s!! Excellent fabric, brilliant fit and beautiful packaging!! Have to try their other shirts aswell to make a complete review.

Point of no returns

For starters the packaging was impressive. Has a classic touch yet sensitive to the environment. The fit and style is classic. Me not being a mannequin figure is taken care of at the fitting room itself (virtually done). Monks ensured I don’t return and it fits great. Delivery was seamless with a personal touch. Coming to the Cardiff. It’s subtle, classy and a go to option for any occasion. It’s a great addition to my wardrobe. Loved the shirt