Why you will love this Oxford? Watch Now ->
What is brushed cotton?
What is brushed cotton? Watch ->
What's great about our fabric?
What's great about our fabric?
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What's with the split yokes?
What's with the split yokes? Watch now ->

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A perfect wintry shirt

Well! The fabric is as soft as a baby’s skin. The shirt is quite similar to the cotton Oxford in the manner of construction. What is different is the feel of the fabric and the wintry aesthetics that it comes with. A lighter (in weight) cloth but a warmer feel is what you get with this shirt. Lovely to wear. It comes in two dark shades. Perhaps some more could be introduced. Mine is a sapphire. Well done, once again.

Amazing Quality and Stitch.

Impeccable quality of fabric and stitching, In love with the quality of the clothing.