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Some call it a bowling shirt; some call it a Cuban shirt.

Sun, Jun 02, 2024

Some call it a bowling shirt; some call it a Cuban shirt. Whatever you want to call it, a camp collar shirt, as we call it, is a super cool style, especially if you are used to polos or short sleeve shirts. Camp collar shirts come with a distinct, double-notched one piece collar sewn directly to the shirt’s body.

While camp collar shirts with loud prints are the norm in fashion photographs, elegant colorways and subtle patterns are more versatile, whether at the beach or on a dinner date.


How to wear your camp collar shirt

With short sleeves, straight hems and side vents, camp collar shirts are great to wear untucked. Get them in loose fit, pair with your chinos or shorts.


All our shirts can be customised to create your own camp collar shirt. Just choose camp collar from the collar menu.



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